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Fashion Jet-setters Can Travel Light - And In Style

It is outside Hong Kong to meet buyers from Italy to find the best craftsmen, then to St. Bartholomew for a little R &amp; R.

Fashion designers often live life to the love of the jet set to emulate in their tracks. that is business trips and leisure. They are always looking for inspiration, and take lots of pictures. The Council of Fashion Designers of America in collaboration with Karen Millen clothes editorial staff is collecting new book "American Fashion Trip, which includes Lubov and Max Azria family vacation in Punta Karen Millen dresses, Dominican Republic, and Gilles Mendel schuss in snow a teenager in France.

Alexander Wang is still searching for the perfect spa, but it will take the rooms at the George V in Paris or Tokyo Conrad easy for him. Phillip Lim loves a good lap, Tory Burch traveled to India for ideas, and although Cynthia Rowley loves the Sahara and the Guggenheim in Balboa, Spain, his favorite Karen Millen DL135 is close to home - in Montauk, NY - If the weekend is a mini-vacation.

Diane von Furstenberg, president of the CFDA, a nonprofit company, likes to go to food markets and traveling to Asia - hiking boots in the bag - when you can.

"For me, traveling and staying the same," von Furstenberg writes in the preface of the book. "How you travel is a symbol of your life."

So how designers travel? What they can’t live without it? Are they like the rest of us are victims of excessive packaging or have mastered the art of over-the-move dressing? The Associated Press asked some designers to the harsh realities of travel globetrotter:

Karen Millen dress says he can live out of a bag. If you are traveling for fun, which is likely to end up in his sailboat, which need shorts, t-shirts, sandals, iPods and laptops. For cool evenings, so it must be placed in a shirt or a leather jacket for its compact bag Tumi bag or purse vintage thrift store, bought 10 years ago. Companies can make Europe a week - or more - one of the costumes. "I'm not a fashion victim. I intend to use the same over and over again," Azrouel said in an interview. "I'm going to wash it, of course."

Mendel also pack light, but is more accurate, to the Thom Browne jacket, pants, Ann karen millen online, buttoned up and sewn casual Ernest Cologne Sander. And when he joined the Ritz in Paris, ordered soft scrambled eggs to help them settle in

Trina Turk is accumulating layers. Wool jacket, safari jacket and a thick scarf and off when it moves between the atmosphere and the internal temperature of the machine varies.

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Top Four Women's Fashion Trends Winter 2011

This year, the crisp military style, prints, elegant tuxedo jackets and sweaters over soft [/url][/url]Karen Millen dresses] are those styles of the winter season.

White Military Style

From edgy chic jackets cut military military-style pants are an infinite number of ways to incorporate this trend comes from the cabinet. To embed the color palette, green, olive, gray and taupe in the wardrobe and invest in some key wardrobe pieces, including a military-style jacket or a jacket, a pair of military-style tapered pants and a pair of heels [/url][/url]Karen Millen sale] a military inspired boots.

Bold graphics

Add some bold and graphic prints for our wardrobe to create a bold look and [/url][/url]Karen Millen outlet]. Fitted t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, skirts and dresses a room are the best opportunities for bold and graphic prints. When you choose a garment with a trendy look or print something with a touch of art, including bold strokes, a watercolor look, or even some trimmed with retro shapes and patterns.

Whether you wear a [/url][/url]Karen Millen on sale] and artistically designed for printing or a print dress stylish and cutting edge graphic long-sleeved jacket in military style shirt be sure to add some equally magnificent and distinct pieces of jewelry. cuff bracelets, necklaces and rings are great divine to wear vintage accessories or bold patterns.

Elegant tuxedo jackets

This is the year of the smoking jacket. [/url][/url]Karen Millen dress] and tapered design of the tuxedo jacket creates a look incredibly long and lean figure flattering. The best part of this trend in winter fashion is that it works particularly well for a layered look. Wear a chic tuxedo jacket over a t-shirt or camisole sexy long graphics.

Do not forget to [/url][/url]karen millen online]! Throw in a pair of long leather boots, a silk scarf with bright colors and gold bracelets to complete the look. The key to search an elegant tuxedo jacket is adjusted using a style that falls just past the hips. Keep simple, elegant layers with two or three accessories.

Soft long knitted sweaters

[/url][/url]Karen Millen DL035] is no God who was wearing a soft long knit sweater worn over the best placement and most comfortable jeans. From cardigans and V-neck sweaters are the best are those who wash and wear well every time you put it. Black, white, gray and cream are the best choices of color and act as key pieces of the wardrobe as a neutral color is extremely versatile and free.

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Access Top 10: Young Km Icons In Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor. Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Many are turning to these icons of Km - but who will find their place in the coming years? young celebrities are a lot of controls on their choice of style, but Karen Millen dresses is not an easy thing to do things. Women's Top 10 Young Km Icons list of rules and know how to push the boundaries of Km, staying above trends and inspiring group of fans to dress like them.

Play now: Stars strut style Costume Institute Gala 2011

10. Selena Gomez: Disney darling, this part of the dress for her age and sophisticated look. At the same time, when some of his colleagues have opted for the number of cleavage-revealing, Selena will always be covered and elegant. If she wears a stunning red dress walking the red carpet Oscar hit or sport shorts and a bright top, always looks a million dollars.

8. Zoe Saldana Zoe Saldana became famous in the blockbuster "Star Trek" and "Avatar" and his eyes were red carpet matched his growing star power. Last year, her enviable figure, has been a campaign for Calvin Klein underwear, you can show and look stylish clothes. She was quoted as saying that Km is an "art form" and said it has created a Karen Millen dress brand with their sisters.

7. Whitney Port: She rose to fame as brutes Lauren Conrad in "The Hills" and later starred in his own reality show "The City", but Port is a passion of Km. She worked for Teen Vogue, the revolution of Km public relations firm and Diane von Furstenberg, all before creating his own line "Whitney Eve," which showed at New York Karen Millen DL057.

6. Taylor Swift: The country cutie is known for his sincere words and curly blond hair, but her fabulous Km sense should not be forgotten. Swift is the ultimate karen millen online icon-next-door girl, wearing cute costumes that every girl loves and would love to see fans have created many blogs dedicated to how to achieve her simple but elegant style.

5. Rihanna: Rihanna is "the only girl in the world" that can remove his unique style of Karen Millen sale! No matter if she is wearing a sheer dress, tube top and short shorts - which always attracts attention. His famous coif has also caused a scene in style. When Rihanna's hair was cut short in 2007, the chairs of style throughout the world are meeting with customers requiring a "Rihanna."

4. Lauren Conrad: After getting their own sitcom, "Hills" in 2006, Lauren stepped right into the Karen Millen DL227 industry with an internship with Teen Vogue. Two short years later, his first Km line, Lauren Conrad Collection, made its debut at Los AngelesKaren Millen for sale. In 2009, he began to LC Lauren Conrad and Kohl's at the national level and is now a new line will be published later this year.

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The Different Types Of Shoes Replica Women

Today, women pay great importance to their appearance. It seems really mattering in today's competitive world. It’s important for both men and women are presented in the right way, so that they do not have to work hard to get right, and the best chance in the world. Good, however, mean many things. In addition to wearing the perfect dress you have to put the right makeup and wear the right kind of shoes for Karen Millen dresses, that for the best of your character.

In addition to clothing luxury handle. These are shoes that can reflect the personality of a person. The shoes were actually an important part of women's fashion. It plays a crucial role in making a woman look elegant and attractive. He now has a significant position in the cabinet of any woman.

Women's shoes for a variety of styles and designs are available on the market. Ladies footwear range includes shoes. high heels. Karen Millen sale. clog shoes cheap Accessories Bags. pumps. peep toe shoes wholesale. Miu Miu platform shoes cheap. evening shoes. Designer shoes and slippers. It is now considered to read data from some women's shoes, which are popular in the market.

Park Lane Brogues: Brogues are new this season. Your wardrobe will be incomplete in this season without a pair of brogues. A nice looking Karen Millen on sale want to update your outfit and your pretty. You can wear these shoes with almost all types of clothing. Just remember to add a couple of contrasting socks when wearing these shoes.

Love Ballet Pumps: Love ballerinas are properly labeled. They really look nice on your feet. Karen Millen online store. they are easy to carry and add a feminine touch. It has a design structure of pink on the tip with a smooth suede upper.

Lulu Fur Slippers: He made a splendid collection of winter. When you feel cold on your feet in big winter. it's time to wear fur slippers Lulu. slippers are knitted sock with a knit top patterned with super soft fleece lining. Gypsy Feather &amp; Pearl Pumps: These shoes have pearl and ankle strap detail. These ballerinas are uniquely designed and are good for all seasons.

High Heel Clog: [url="><strong>Karen Millen DK222
very sexy. These clog shoes peep toe studded trim. These high-heeled clogs are indeed the popular women's fashion. They look best when worn short dresses or tights. You can also look smart, if you use them a couple of skinny jeans with your jacket.

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Summer Dresses Mother Married Weddings


Fabrics play a serious role to play in the appearance of the bride dresses. Without doubt, the right choice of fabric can be important that the element "comfort" that you are using a group for longer, especially during hot summers. Karen Millen dresses, you will find a lot of designers are dedicated to the light and airy fabrics. Mix of cotton, organza and sheer fabrics are going to be a great success this year. Whether you want silk and satin, and enter comfortable cotton lining itself. If you are looking for summer mother groom wedding dresses for outdoor laundry can be a good option that is safe to breathe and also gives an elegant touch to the outfit. Rayon, nylon, viscose, silk is another fabric that makes a grandmother of the groom dresses in the Karen Millen outlet shop.


Try to find the perfect summer shades to use your son's wedding day looking dress. Summers offer a variety of colors that can make a Karen Millen dress. Soft lavender, gray, or want an elegant purple, the choice is yours! Peacock blue, or green, and gray or metallic blue of the sea can also be popular this year. Without doubt, gold continues to hit an incredible selection of wedding Karen Millen sale to come in early July, at the same time. Metallic beige, cream, green-gray, and light mauve rich embroidery or decoration can provide an entire range of desired out-of-mass "and a beautiful appearance. Avoid two-tone models, if you live to collect the two-piece dresses.


Through the styles of mother wedding dresses for summer 2011, you will find a selection of options. The simplest form fitting costumes created from fabrics that are accented with small things like a belt or in delicate embroidery work on the first in the latest fashion. or even the entire piece with two coats the bottom of mermaid style is also a great success. suits with jackets and dresses with rhetoric straight shrugs and jackets with the heavy work also on the list Dress in layers include the latest participants in this section, the cash you need. Gathered pleats and plastic caps style to fit in the lower layers are popular conceptions of the right or the big dress for a married mother. Experience with wide necklines, Karen Millen DL035 and thin specimens attached. Sheer sleeves are actually a common feature of many wedding dress.

Light patterns can also be building a flying return e-mail, the mother of the bride and groom can understand.

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